Seeking 2 more Hair Artists to Join our Team!

The Colour Pallette Salon is continuing to grow! Not only are we now an Aveda salon, with all the support, education, and training that comes with Aveda, but The Colour Palette Salon is now looking to expand out team of talented stylists! 

Option for commission, or full or part time chair rental available! If you are a dedicated, motivated, hair stylist who is passionate about your work, and who is looking for a high end salon offering endless opportinities for growth,  and a positive and fun work environment, give us a call, or send us an email for more information! Only 2 more chairs available!


The Colour Pallete team is having a continued education color class at 10am on Monday February 8th, and we are looking for 2 models that want their hair colored! We are now an Aveda salon, so we need to play around with the new color line! (All stylists are highly trained color artists, just new to this specific line) 

Please call or email us if you are interested!  

XOXO, The Colour Palette Team

Whoa Baby! What a serious before and after!


This is the before and after pictures on a Brazilian Keratin Treatment (similar to The Original Brazilian Blowout that we also offer). This Treatment lasts for 6 months, and is intended for smoothing, and repair. Look at that sleek, healthy, wash and go hair! Fresh Colour, fresh cut, fresh Blowout, and she is good to go for the Holiday season, and won't have to get another Keratin Treatment til the summer time! 


I'm sure all you ladies who have tried to grow your hair are aware... you get to a certain length, and it just won't seem to get any longer! Instant solution: extension! At The Colour Palette Salon, we are trained in the art of Skin Wefts, I-tip, beaded wefts, and sewn weft hair extensions, based on your hair and your needs. Dreaming of the hair you wish you had? Your wish is granted! Aren't these 22 inch extensions beautiful?!

Long Hair Don't Care!

Check out our latest extension work! Never think a certain look isn't obtainable just because of your current hair state. We know how to work magic, and give you the hair you have always wanted! Weather it's with extensions, a brazilian Blowout, a new color, or just a much needed new cut or style, we make sure we are educated on all of the latest and greatest!